Sanctuary: The Passionate People Protecting The Planet

Prime Time Focus Radio

AARP - All around the world people who really care about animals and the environment are making a difference. Now a new book called Sanctuary picks some of the places where one person, through unfailing devotion, has changed things for the better. The authors have also made a stunning movie called Hot Spots that airs on November 2nd on PBS stations.

Prime Time Focus host Alyne Ellis reports on a book and television show with a clear focus - proving that dedicated people can make a difference when it comes to saving the fragile parts of our planet. Watch the preview of the PBS documentary Hot Spots, and then listen to Alyne's report on the film, and the new book Sanctuary.

Michael Tobias and Jane Morrison are the creative force behind the film and book. They run the Dancing Star Foundation, which has the goal of "helping humankind protect the natural world."

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