Larger-than-life book showcases stunning case studies of world's leading eco sanctuaries

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According to Michael Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison, protecting innocence is perhaps humanity’s deepest procreative instinct, and celebrating nature our highest calling. In SANCTUARY: Global Oases of Innocence (Council Oak/On-Sale Date: September 1, 2008/978-1-57178-214-4/$60.00), Tobias and Morrison profile globally significant sanctuaries at the forefront of an emerging multinational movement to sanctify nature and save her last pristine places–a vital step toward the total renewal of the biosphere.

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Man's erosion of Earth in focus

Daily Breeze

by Kristin S. Agostini

For three years, Michael Tobias traveled the globe documenting the daunting efforts under way to protect threatened plants and wildlife.

He's followed a stewardship program to protect an endangered parrot species in New Zealand and the native plantings occurring on Easter Island, once home to rich palm forests before humans ripped them from the landscape.

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SANCTUARY: Epublishers Weekly Review

EPublishers Weekly

Reviewed by Michael Pastore

Ralph Waldo Emerson drew his personal and literary power from a deep contact with the natural world. In a journal entry written in April in the year 1840, Emerson wrote:

"As I sat on the back of the Drop or God's pond ... I said to my companion I declare this world is so beautiful that I can hardly believe it exists."

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